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Welcome to the Private Rail Car Experience!

If you are familiar with the pleasures of private railcar travel, you'll be pleased to learn that California Rail Tours has several cars available for charter. Your group can enjoy the unique experience of travel aboard rare and elegant railroad coaches. The Plaza Santa Fe and The Royal Gorge are truly first class cars from the great days of rail travel.

Whether yours is a family excursion, a corporate charter, a sales or promotional trip, a reunion, a sporting event, or just a big party, your trip on the cars of California Rail Tours will be filled with memories that last a lifetime.

The cars of California Rail Tours recapture all the excitement of rail travel at a pace that allows you to truly experience the magic of railroading, with an emphasis on service and comfort. Sit back, relax, and take in the spectacular 360 degree view from the "Pleasure Dome" at the top of the Plaza Santa Fe. With one of the most spacious dome designs, the Plaza Santa Fe has individual swivel seats on both sides of the center aisle. Have dinner in the private Turquoise Room on the Plaza Santa Fe.

Find a comfortable place to sit with a friend or two in the lounge of the Royal Gorge, with a commanding view of the passing scenery. Visit the cozy cocktail lounge tucked away under the dome of the Plaza Santa Fe, where you and your companions can enjoy your favorite drinks as you watch the magnificent and varied scenery pass by. Visit the spacious lounge, and know that you're reliving the very best in'll treasure the memories the rest of your life.

The Plaza Santa Fe and the Royal Gorge, adventures in rail touring await you...!